Bart J. Schaap



I offer advice and inspiration at the intersection of consultancy and coaching. I contribute with alternative solutions by combining management and psychological insights. I guide people on the path to achieving their goals by offering different perspectives and challenge their views. I develop and implement organizational and cultural changes, improving the capabilities of leadership and employees. I’m a connector of vision, strategy, and execution, through initiative and action on strategic, tactical and operational levels, to implement changes. My approach is direct, practical and effective in complex environments: I quickly identify the essence of the problem and start generating valuable insights to build my clients’ vision and achieve effective results. The results of my clients are my success!

I hold degrees in Psychotherapy and Counseling (Columbia University, New York), Management & Organization (University of applied Sciences, Amsterdam), and 40 years of experience in successfully guiding personal growth in organizations and organizational change. I’ve been and entrepreneur since 1996 and launched my personal brand Cappuccinocoach®: Innovative Change & Business Consultancy in 2010.

Since 2014, an established blogger (LinkedInPulse and inspiring people to finding their values, getting into action, and achieving desired results.
Passionate about the benefits of change and a curious learner. Excited to share knowledge and to motivate people in organizations to change.


Since 1996 I have been working as a consultant, coach, course developer and trainer in a wide variety of change processes.